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Enrollment Information

We know that the choice of a childcare facility is a difficult one. We encourage prospective clients to visit and bring their children to visit. Our staff is available to answer any questions or concerns.

  1. We accept applications for enrollment during all working hours. We must have the following information before enrollment is approved: application (including appropriate release forms), Immunization Compliance Record Form 121, and registration fee are required prior to acceptance to the center. Please see fee schedule to follow.

  2. In order to maintain enrollment status, parents are expected to keep accounts up to date. We cannot guarantee student slots for children whose accounts are two weeks or more past due.

  3. Parents are required by to maintain current Mississippi State Department of Health immunization record form 121 while their children are enrolled. This includes documentation of the immunization or appropriate physician documentation for postponing the immunization. Failure to comply with this standard may result in loss of their slot.

  4. Parents wishing to remove their children from Creative Kids are required to provide a two-week notice in writing. Failure to provide notice will result in payment of that two-week fee.

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