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Arrival & Departure
  1. Parents, or their delegates, must check children in and out by placing the time and complete signature (not initials) on the sign in log.

  2. Parents are responsible for the care of their children until they are turned over to the teacher. Likewise, parents assume responsibility for their children upon removal from their classrooms.

  3. Children are not allowed to enter or leave the building without a responsible adult due to the drive through.

  4. Only those listed on the application will be allowed to remove a child from the day care without prior notification of the parents or guardians. Even those listed should expect to provide a photo ID if requested. Parents will be given a PIN number. If someone not on the list, is to pick up your child, you must provide this number when notifying the staff by phone. Please bare with us, until we learn all of the families. We are taking extra precautions to ensure your child’s safety.

  5. Parents/guardians are responsible to notify Creative Kids of any potential custody issues that may affect the child’s safety. If possible a photo of the person not allowed to remove the child would be an added measure of security.

  6. Children are to leave only from the front door. The playground gates are locked and will not be opened for departures.

  7. All guests are to enter the building through the front doors. The other doors are locked and alarms sound when opened from the inside for an emergency.

  8. In the event that a child is not picked up (without notification) by 6:15 PM, the other people on the emergency list will be called in proper order. The child will be cared for until arrangements are made.

  9. Nap times are posted in each room. We ask that you refrain from bringing children during that time except for special circumstances. This practice is very disruptive when trying to get the children to sleep.

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