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CREATIVE KIDS Christian Learning Centers
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Tuition & Fee Schedules

Creative Kids, Inc. has financial responsibility to creditors and employee payroll. For this reason, we expect our clients to maintain their financial responsibility to us. As stated above, failure to maintain account will result in the loss of enrollment status. We appreciate our clients who maintain their accounts! Any special payment arrangements must be made with the owner.

Any client discontinuing enrollment with a past due balance will maintain responsibility for that balance. The client is also responsible for accrued late fees and any collection fees in addition to the balance.

Vacation credit
After you have been enrolled for a period of 6 months, and your account is current, each family will receive one vacation week per year tuition free. You are responsible for payment for the remaining 51 weeks of the year regardless. You will not be eligible for this credit if you have any balance on your account.

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Weekly Tuition
Tuition payments are due on Mondays for the current week. A late fee of $20.00 will be automatically posted to any account not paid in full by Friday. This fee will be posted each Friday while the account is past due. In addition, family discounts will not apply to past due accounts. If your account is 2 weeks past due you could be removed from the roll and will not be re-enrolled until balance is paid in full.

Infant Room $157.00 per week
One Year Old Room $147.00 per week
Two Year Old Room $142.00 per week
Three Year Old Room $142.00 per week
Four Year Old Room $142.00 per week
After School Room $77.00 per week
School Age Children (during summer months) $115.00 per week
Registration Fee (paid annually) $65.00 first child
$35.00 additional
Sibling Discount (weekly) $7.00 per child
Annual book/activity fee for children in preschool programs to cover the cost of books and materials for classroom learning:
Kindergarten Books - $95.00
Four Year Old Books - $70.00
Three Year Old Books - $55.00
Two Year Old - $45.00

There will be a $30.00 service charge for all returned checks and check-writing privilege may be canceled.

Annual Registration fee will be due October 1 of each year.

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