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CREATIVE KIDS Christian Learning Centers
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Program & Activities

Age birth up to two years
Daily activities for these children are based on a flexible schedule of informal learning and daily care activities. The daily schedule includes indoor and outdoor (weather permitting) play times. It also includes time for stories and crafts appropriate to the child's age.

Preschool program
This program is a Christian based (A-BEKA) daily program from 8:30 to 11:30 AM. This program is a service of this facility and the only additional charge for this is a book fee for materials needed. Our goal with this is to prepare children for kindergarten. The curriculum includes letters, numbers, colors, basic phonics and Bible stories and verses, etc. Computer learning centers are also included at no additional cost. Parents will be able to follow their child's progress with the worksheets and crafts they bring home. Please take time to look at these with your children and discuss their day.

After lunch and rest period, children will have informal activity time both indoor and outside.

After school program
Children who attend school are eligible for this program. Creative Kids provides transportation to and from Oak Grove Elementary School. Activities after school include homework time and indoor and outdoor activity and craft time. Children also have access to computer learning. There are televisions in the rooms for limited viewing and educational programs.

Summer activities for this age group are organized to be fun and educational. These activities include weekly swimming, skating, movies, and other field trips. The children have input into their activities.

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Field Trips
We feel that experiences outside the facility are beneficial to the children. Field trips are organized in advance and permission slips sent to each parent/guardian. Teacher to student ratios will be maintained at all times, including bus transportation. Any children four or under will be transported according to law in child safety seats. Parents need to provide that seat for the day for their children.

Personal belongings
Creative Kids is not responsible for the loss of personal items. Please label all items clearly. If your child has a particular pillow or blanket that they prefer they are welcomed to bring them. In addition, please provide us with an extra change of clothes, accidents happen at all ages. Each child has a "cubby" assigned in their room to keep any belongings. Any items of value: jewelry, money, electronics, etc, should not be brought to the daycare. Please refrain from sending small items, hair barrettes and clippies, money, jewelry, with any children under the age of three.

On occasion we have special days when children are asked to bring toys from home, (ball day, show and tell, etc.). However, we discourage you from sending toys any day but Friday, Toy Day.

Children's attire
Cowboy boots are no longer allowed at Creative Kids. Please allow your children to wear comfortable shoes that are easy to run and play in. Keep in mind that the children here stay very busy, and some activities can get messy, you may wish to dress them in play clothes that can take a few stains and splatters.

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Photography consent
Parents have the option to consent to the photography of their children. A release for this is included on the application for enrollment. This includes photographs taken for classroom use and school pictures. This consent is not for release for commercial use. Any photos used for advertisement will be first discussed with parents/guardians.

Discipline Policies
At Creative Kids we feel that discipline is imperative. Our intent is to maintain an orderly and safe environment whether the activities at that time are structured or informal. We feel that rules should be clearly defined and that children need to understand that there are consequences to inappropriate behavior. We also strongly feel that there should be positive rewards for appropriate behavior. Teachers will establish an age appropriate reward system in their rooms.

Corporal punishment is not used under any circumstances in this facility.

Any child whose behavior is considered inappropriate will have that behavior pointed out to him/her, and the reason why this behavior is inappropriate will be explained. After this one warning, discipline will follow. Time out is the preferred form of discipline in this facility. Time out will consist of the child being placed in an area isolated from other children, yet still in the classroom. Any activity that still persists after this will be addressed with the director and possibly a conference will be set up with the parents. Parents will be notified at the time of inappropriate behavior that does not stop after time out and a visit to the director. We will work with the parents and child to correct any inappropriate behavior. If after all options are tried, and satisfactory improvement is not noted, the

Child may be asked to leave as a final measure, at the discretion of the Director.

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Health Maintenance
The Mississippi State Department of Health provides strict guidelines for caring for children that are ill. We follow these guidelines. Parents are asked to pay attention to their children's health prior to coming to day care. We understand that a sick child means that a parent will often have to miss work, and we understand how difficult making last minute arrangements can be. However, our goal is to keep all of our children safe and as well as possible. If your child runs a fever of 100 auxiliary or 101 orally, we require that you wait at least 24 hours of no fever before you bring the child back. Likewise, if a child is sent home with a fever, he/she cannot return to daycare the following day. Also, if a child is too sick to go outside, he/she is too sick to be at daycare. This is a direct quote from the health department. Please read the following list and follow them.

Creative Kids will administer medication as needed. The following health and safety guidelines will be followed:

  1. Parents have the option of signing permission for the administration of Tylenol and Motrin. This may be given based on label directions. Parents will be called before medicine is given.

  2. Over the counter medications may be given based on label directions.

  3. Prescription medications may be given based on label directions. The medication may be given only to the child for whom it is prescribed and it must be in the original bottle.

  4. A Medication Administration Log is kept daily at the front desk. Parent's must complete and sign the log daily, before any medication can be administered.

  5. Sun safe practices will be used during outdoor activities scheduled between 10AM-2 PM during the period April 1st to September 15th.

Meals and Snacks
We provide meals and snacks that are well balanced and nutritionally suited for the children. Our menus are approved by the Mississippi State Department of Health.

  1. Menus for the week are posted in the foyer.

  2. Meal and snack times are posted in the child's room.

  3. The Department of health allows only two options for breakfast. Parents must either provide breakfast for their children prior to arrival to the center, or the children must eat the breakfast food provided by the daycare.

  4. No food may to be brought into the center except on special occasions such as birthday parties, etc.

  5. It is the responsibility of the parent/guardian to notify the center of any allergies on the child's application.

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